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We want FULL INCLUSION, not CRUMBS I am Pastor Marvel Souza in the Reconciling Methodist Church of Brazil. My ministerial life began 23 years ago, when I was inspired by the Holy Spirit to start my teachings in a Brazilian Methodist church There, I developed my first works based on my then recently acquired theology background. After I served as a layman for five years, I was consecrated to deacon, having served for six years with dedication, dynamism and responsibility. At that time, I introduced a course to prepare seminarians, which was more successful than I expected. It was offered in a number of churches. Furthermore, I led a small congregation in a rural farming area around the Brazilian capital for a year and a half. I became an Elder in this church and then its pastor, and I taught theology at a seminary.  I fell in love with a friend, a musician in a large Pentecostal conference and, like me, a man.  When we met, we had a number of challenges to face - He sang at his Pentecos

Sinopsis del libro “Manual del Cristiano Gay” y botón de compra

Recientemente, pocos temas han provocado tanta controversia en medio de los cristiano como lo concerniente a la apertura de espacios religiosos destinados a la Inclusión Eclesial Plena de las personas LGBTQI + para el ejercicio Pleno de la Fe siendo lo que son. En este libro, Marvel Souza, un pastor y teólogo protestante, busca ministrar a los corazones de los cristianos LGBTQI +, brindando instrucciones bíblicas para que el ejercicio de la fe ya no sea un martirio y se convierta en una satisfacción liberadora y festiva. El autor invita a todos al camino de la reflexión bíblica que concierne a la práctica cristiana libre de prejuicios y discriminación, enfrentando las crisis como una oportunidad para la madurez en la fe. El Manual del Cristiano Gay se tratan temas relacionados con el ejercicio pleno de la fe frente a las adversidades que un cristiano LGBTQI + enfrenta o enfrentará. El objetivo principal es mostrar que la fe es una parte integral de lo que somos, ya que este es un derec

Sinopse do livro Manual do Cristão Gay e botão de compra

Sinopse do livro Manual do Cristão Gay e botão de compra. Para leer en español haz clic en el enlace: Recentemente, poucos temas provocaram tantas polêmicas no meio cristão como o que concerne à abertura de espaços religiosos destinados à Inclusão Eclesial Plena de pessoas LGBTQI+ ao exercício Pleno da Fé sendo quem são. Neste livro, Marvel Souza, pastor protestante e teólogo, procura ministrar aos corações dos cristãos LGBTQI+ instruções bíblicas para que o exercício da fé deixe de ser um martírio e se torne uma satisfação libertadora e celebrante. O autor convida a todos para o caminho da reflexão bíblica que concerne à prática cristã livre de preconceitos e discriminações, encarando as crises como uma oportunidade para o amadurecimento na fé. O livro Manual do Cristão Gay trata de assuntos relacionados ao exercício pleno da fé face às adversidades que um cristão LGBTQI+ enfrenta ou enfr

Coronavirus Pandemic Claims More Than Online Services

*Coronavirus Pandemic Claims More Than Online Services*  "Greetings in Christ! I trust you are doing well and staying healthy during this struggling time for our nation, world, and community. As we mourn the lives lost to this world-wide pandemic, we are called to change our personal and organizational activities. We must do everything possible to protect the lives of our beloved church members and their families. Our online services were an excellent tool to keep the connection with our members, but, since we got the authorization to gather in person, we are working hard to adapt our new temple. To find a new temple was necessary because we gather a number of 60 members and visitors and also, around 50 people from an institution called Casa Santo André, which works with homeless people, to whom we offer social assistance. Many of the changes required, as such, represent financial investment. We, as a church, want to be able to minister to people who are in need. Often