Coronavirus Pandemic Claims More Than Online Services

*Coronavirus Pandemic Claims More Than Online Services* 

"Greetings in Christ!

I trust you are doing well and staying healthy during this struggling time for our nation, world, and community.
As we mourn the lives lost to this world-wide pandemic, we are called to change our personal and organizational activities. We must do everything possible to protect the lives of our beloved church members and their families. Our online services were an excellent tool to keep the connection with our members, but, since we got the authorization to gather in person, we are working hard to adapt our new temple. To find a new temple was necessary because we gather a number of 60 members and visitors and also, around 50 people from an institution called Casa Santo André, which works with homeless people, to whom we offer social assistance. Many of the changes required, as such, represent financial investment.

We, as a church, want to be able to minister to people who are in need. Often, one of the very first places people reach out to is the local church. Government and other charities can be difficult to get in touch with and are even quite slow in delivering on many of the promises they make, especially to LGBTQI+ people.

To bring everyone together in our weekly services, safely and in accordance with the current rules of the World Health Organization, we initiated a major renovation in our space, that require increased expense. We rely exclusively on donations to carry out this project.
As such, financial support becomes even more critical for the continued provision of worship, love and support offered to the LGBTQI+ community.

Since the onset of the Pandemic, financial resources have dwindled. As such, we are in critical need of financial support to continue our work both in Brazil and Argentina. We would welcome any donation! Following is the easiest and quickest form of monitory transfer".

For donations click on the button below

For bank transaction: Western Union
- Name: Jose; Middle name: Marvel Queiroz de; Last name: Souza
- Phone number: +55(61)99958-8435
- Address: Street C 11 - LOTE 17 - Store 1 - Taguatinga Centro - Zip code: 72010-000 - Brasilia Federal District, DF, Brazil.

To see all the social justice ministries that we do, click the link:

We are in this together, but more than that, God is walking through the fire with all of us, and I believe we will come out the other side in victory!


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