Marvel Souza's Biography

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Marvel Souza's Biography

Reverend Marvel Souza's ministerial life began 23 years ago, when he was inspired by the Holy Spirit to start his teachings in the Methodist church where he developed his first works based on his then recently acquired theology background. He served as a layman for five years. He was consecrated to the diaconate, having served for six years with dedication, dynamism and responsibility. At that time he introduced a theological formation course. This course was more successful than expected and was given in many different churches. Furthermore, he was the leader of a small congregation in a farm sector around the Brazilian capital for one year and a half. He became a Presbyter in this church, later having also been promoted to Pastor. Currently he preaches, provides pastoral counselling and fosters religious teachings in Methodist Church IPEG – (Methodist Church Included by Grace - A Reconciling Church in Brazil). This is an Open Communion church which is open to anyone, regardless of gender, race, nationality, sexual orientation, social status, language or physical condition. He also works as a Japanese teacher for "Escola Modelo de Língua Japonesa" in Brasília, besides being one of the few Japanese translators in town. He has a degree in English language and North-American literature and works at CILT (Language Teaching School), two degrees in Theology, a post-graduation in Compared Theology, a specialisation in Japanese language teaching for foreigners and a Master's Degree in the History of Christianity. Futhermore, Reverend Marvel Souza is a dedicated pupil of Greek and Hebrew (he studied these languages at the University of Brasília and constantly hones this craft). Amongst Reverend Marvel's preachings, one may highlight the following:
  1. Spiritual Measures - Apocalypse 11:1;
  2. Thoughts on John 2:11;
  3. Three thoughts on the Jesus' upbringing - Luke 2:52;
  4. Son of the right hand - Genesis 35:16-18;
  5. Through blood and through water - John 19:34;
  6. It's God's! - Matthew 6:13;
  7. The two gardens - John 20:11 and Genesis 2:8;
  8. Judas, perfect background, doubtful character - John 12:4-6;
  9. The rooster crowed! - John 13:36-38;
  10. At midnight - Exodus 12:29;
  11. Kinds of Grace - Romans 5:20;
  12. God is affected, involved and moved by you.

Recently, Reverend Marvel concluded the writing of comments on the Commented Bible Grace upon Grace, which is a one-of-its-kind publication in Brazil. This work brings comments related with the Ecclesiastic Inclusion of all persons through the perspective of the Message of Grace. This work's repercussion in social media and the press took place because the Brazilian Biblical Society supported its publication by allowing the pastor to use their copyrighted version of Biblical texts (VARC) so that he could make his comments.

With his spouse's aid, Pastor Raphael Lira, with whom he's been married for twelve years, Reverend Marvel Souza has been spreading the Gospel message to everyone in Brazil and in the world. 


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