Waiting upon God

How long time have you been waiting for God answers to your prayers?

I have news for you: God does want to bless you more than you want to be blessed, the biggest obstacle for getting a blessing from God is our own way. 

Specially, when the subject is relationship. Some spending hours in front of computer in chats, others walk by streets staring all who might be a good pair, taking the risk of being beaten for somebody doesn't like gays. In truth, we ask God something but almost everybody doesn't like to wait for the answer.

You faced the identity crisis, you won, but now you can't believe in God's care. You go to church, you pray, you read the Bible, however you don't believe God can bless your emotional life.

We passed years believing in lies about God's view about the same sexual relation. We heard many people saying that the only way for being blessed by God would be throughout the restoration in our lives - No more Gay. 

I guess you heard it many times in your life. Voices (family, church, leaders, friends...etc) surrounded you. Maybe the voices already ceased, you don't hear anymore in your ears, but they echo in your heart. They are alive inside you.

God has an order for you: Listen to me!

And what he says?

"casting all your cares on him because he cares for you."

1Peter 5:7

Now look some steps for getting answers from God:

1. Worship the lord
2. Bring your request to him
3. While waiting upon God for the answer, Meditate upon, study and memorize His word


  1. Amei a parte de que quando esperamos, podemos meditar, acreditar, ruminar as escrituras!!!


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